For Our New Customers

New to GourmetCoffees?

If you're new to, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the unique services that we offer; if you are a return customer, you too may be surprised to discover some things about us that you didn't know.
  • Your coffee is freshly roasted when you place an order. Unlike many other coffee roasters and online sites, we roast our coffee daily so that it is fresh. When you order, your coffee will be roasted and shipped the very same day to ensure you with the freshest coffee possible. Other roasters pre-package or vacuum-seal their coffee; those coffees have been roasted days or even weeks in advance! Our coffee is heat-sealed in a valve bag, and here's why:

    When coffee is freshly roasted, it releases carbon dioxide for up to 48 hours. If we vacuum-seal fresh coffee immediately after roasting, the bag will explode because there is not a way for the carbon dioxide to escape. However, a valve bag only releases air; the valve does not allow air into the bag, so your coffee is guaranteed to be absolutely fresh.

  • We offer personalization on all of our standard labels; we can put your name on it! Since each batch of gourmet coffee is made to order especially for our customers, each bag will have your name on it, unless you specify a recipient other than yourself in the "Shipping" field at check out. For instance, if you plan to send a gift to a friend, enter the recipient's name and address into the "Shipping" field, and enter your name and address in the "Billing" field. If you plan to deliver the gift yourself, simply put the recipient's name into the "Shipping" field and your address into both the "Billing" and "Shipping" fields.
  • Convenient shipping options. No one wants old coffee! If you want all of your coffee and tea orders to be fresh during the holidays, but also receive or ship them in time for the holidays, you can request that your order be shipped on a specific or later date. Simply enter your desired "ship out" date in the space provided, and let us do the rest.

  • Flat rate shipping. Order two bags or more of coffee or loose-leaf tea and enjoy $7.95 flat-rate shipping. If you'd like to see other promotions, see our Promotions Page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions. We're always happy to help you with any specific requests or questions you might have. We want you to enjoy your experience with us!