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Gourmet Tea

Gourmet Tea
GourmetCoffees offers you exceptional gourmet teas, herbal teas, and tisanes from around the world. We not only have an extensive collection and unique finds, but these teas are of the highest quality as well. Our teas come in loose leaf form and are packaged in .5 or 2lb bags. Tazo Chai concentrate is also available wholesale in a case of 12 cartons. We want to help your business grow; count on us to supply you with everything from a simple tea for everyday, to a spectacular tea from a remote area on the other side of the globe.

Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea as well as Oolong are all great choices for health conscious customers. What Asia has known for centuries, America is just learning...we will keep you posted on current medical research involving these fabulous teas, so that your customers remain knowledgeable about the health benefits of these teas.

At GourmetCoffees we are all about the details that make the difference. With the highest level of customer service and an uncompromising quality tea, we exceed the industry standards.